I am creating an infopath for a sharepoint list where there are two fields - Type of defect (TOD) and defect priority (DP). TOD is a dropdown control and DP is a text box. I want DP to populate certain value when the one of the value is been selected in TOD feild.

Can anyone please advice me how do I do this. Any assistance would be really appreciated. Thank you!

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Follow the below steps to do that:

Here in the below example: TOD is a dropdown list column which has three choice values and DP is text type column - this will be updated based on dropdown column TOD selection.


Select the TOD column


Click on the manage rules from the ribbon.


Add Rule from the rule section.

Step 4:

Add Rule condition - here I have selected if TOD column value is equal "Type1" you can select with your actual condition.


Action as the set field value - select your "DP" column then the set the value as per your need - for example, I have set "1"


  • The above for one TOD column value condition - continue the same steps for other value in the TOD column.

Based on dropdown selection set textbox value in Infopath form


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