Is there a way to write my JSON in a single file and then use it in many lists views?

My situation is that I have a format that I want to use over and over again (more than a hundred) and the potential exists for this formatting to change, which would mean I would have to go into hundreds of views and make the same simple change over and over again vs. just one file.

In a "perfect world" I would write a json file (text) and just write the "include" statement where needed. Is this possible?

I searched for this and have been unable to find anything, so guessing it doesn't exist, thought I'd ask here just in case.

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There is no such a built-in functionality to reference a JSON file in list view formatting feature. You may consider using following workaround.

Set-PnPView Could apply the json format into the view.

 $listViewFormattingJSON = Get-Content -Raw -Path '{path}\Bulletin Board.json'

 Get-PnPList -Identity "{listname}" |Get-PnPView -Identity 'All Items'|Set-PnPView -Values @{CustomFormatter = $listViewFormattingJSON.ToString()}

I tested following JSON template and it works well

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