Does any one know how to create Quick Links Web Part with Target Audience option in SharePoint online modern pages?

I need to enable the links specific users only.

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Microsoft is working on this new feature. The roll-out of this new feature will be completed in early May.

You can find this in Microsoft 365 Message center, navigate to Microsoft 365 admin center->Health->Message center:

enter image description here

Roadmap: https://www.microsoft.com/en-sg/microsoft-365/roadmap?filters=&searchterms=34251

  • The message that you refer to does not seem to mention the quick links webpart. Only the various navigation types . May 16, 2020 at 6:03

Enabling audience targeting on the modern page web part is not available by default - there is a SharePoint user voice for this requirement, Microsoft has planned to release this in phases from one type of web part to another type.

The last update from Microsoft was:

"We’re working on this! The first web part we’re enabling it on is the News web part, followed by the highlighted content and events web parts. We’d love to hear about other audience targeting scenarios you’d like us to enable. Thanks!"

Here is the original thread about the above requirement:

Enable Audience targeting on modern page web parts

As an alternate, you can go with developing a custom web part using SPFx framework for the same purpose.


Microsoft is introducing an audience targeting feature for the Quick links web part in SharePoint Online, Check the Roadmap.

Currently it's status is "In development" and it will be available soon for all (January CY2021).

Check more information about this at: Audience Targeting for Quick Links Web Part in SharePoint Online

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