On one of my sites, some of the links are to an "external" web site (actually internal but not part of, or a subsite of, this one). I need to change all of those, but I can't see any way to find them that's better than manually going through every single page, and every link on every page.

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Source: Find and Replace URL Links from Hyperlink Columns in SharePoint

You can use the below PowerShell code :

Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue


Function Replace-LinkFields($WebURL, $OldLinkURL, $OldLinkTitle, $NewLinkURL, $NewLinkTitle)


    #Get the Web

    $Web = Get-SPWeb $WebURL


    #Get all lists - Exclude System lists

    $ListCollection = $web.lists | Where-Object  { ($_.hidden -eq $false) -and ($_.IsSiteAssetsLibrary -eq $false) -and ($_.Author.LoginName -ne "SHAREPOINT\system") }


    #Iterate through each list

    foreach ($List in $ListCollection)


        #find all HyperLink fields in list

        $HyperlinkFields = @()

        foreach ($field in $list.Fields)


            if ($field.TypeAsString -eq "URL")


                $HyperlinkFields = $HyperlinkFields + $field.Title     



        write-host "Processing list at: $($web.url)/$($list.RootFolder.Url)"


        #Process all hyperlink fields found


        #Proceed with next list if Hyperlink field is not found in the list

        if($HyperlinkFields.Count -eq 0) { continue }


        foreach ($Item in $List.Items)


            #Iterate through HyperLink fields

            foreach ($field in $HyperlinkFields)


                #Get field value

                $FieldValue = $item[$field]

                #Skip nulls

                if($FieldValue -ne $null)


                    # Check for OldLinkURL or OldLinkTitle

                    if( ($FieldValue.contains($OldLinkURL)) -or ($FieldValue.contains($OldLinkTitle)) )


                        #Replace the OLD URL with New URL

                        $Item[$field] = ($item[$field] -Replace $OldLinkURL,$NewLinkURL)

                        #Replace OLD link title with new link title

                        $Item[$field] = ($item[$field] -Replace $OldLinkTitle,$NewLinkTitle)



                        Write-host "Found and replaced a old link item at: $($web.Url)/$($list.RootFolder.Url) - Item id: $($item.id)"     








Call the function to Replace Links in lists

Replace-LinkFields "http://Intranet.crescent.com/" "http://portal.crescent.com"  "Crescent Intranet"


  • The above code replacing the old link to a new link, so if you just want to get details of links then you can comment on the link update code.

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