I've been trying to figure out how Document ID links work and was successful in generating it for my documents. However, I've noticed that if I move a file to a folder within other folders (in the same site collection), it takes around 30 minutes to an hour before the Document ID link works again. I assume this is because the original file path is still updating on the backend with the file path where the file has been moved to.

Is there a job that I can look into to speed up this process/speed up the pushing of the data or correct file path for the file I moved to a different folder?

Thank you!


It's the server side issue and there is no exact solution to speed up process for refreshing Document ID link.


I think you can write a Microsoft Flow on the target location (library/folder). Once the file is moved from a source folder to the target folder - that flow should be triggered automatically which will read the Document ID value from the source folder location and update the Document ID value in the target location. This automation process will automatically update the Document ID immediately.

You can refer to the below articles how to update the metadata values using the Microsoft Flow:

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