I'm creating a form in InfoPath Designer 2013. I have it set up with multiple buttons performing different functions (switching views, etc.). One button I have is a 'Cancel' button. What this button will do is cancel a Request and send the user back to the SharePoint list. What I'm hoping to do though is have a pop-up prompt display when the user clicks the 'Cancel' button, a kind of "Are you sure you want to cancel this Request?" prompt. Is this something I can do in InfoPath Designer 2013?



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As Habibur Rahaman said, popup message in InfoPath is not supported.

Another possible workaround would be use JavaScript to bind the alert function to the button in InfoPath form on the newifs.aspx and editifs.aspx.

Please see a post with similar request here: How to show alert box or popup in infopath 2010 when a button will be clicked.


Unfortunately, pop up dialog is not supported in the infopath form. As an alternate, before redirecting to SharePoint URL, in the middle you can create one more view, there you can add this "are you sure?" confirmation message.. then add ok and cancel, on ok button click redirect to SharePoint URL.

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