I'm attempting to update the Suite Nav Bar in SharePoint 2016 but running into issues.

  1. How do I hide SuiteNavBrandingText? I tried using PowerShell but the word "SharePoint" appears.

Ex. $webapp.suitenavbrandingtext = "" shows "SharePoint" text.

I'm using "DEV" as a placeholder. Is there any CSS which I can use to hide this text? See image.

  1. I added a banner image to the Suite Nav Bar using $webapp.suitenavbrandinglogourl and manipulated height and width using .o365cs-base.o365cs-topnavBGColor-2. However, the height spills into the browse and page bar. Please See the image below.

enter image description here

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You could the below css style to hide the SuiteNavBrandingText. Add this to master page to deploy to all pages in the site.

     display: none !important;


You can try the below code for SuiteNavBrandingText:

$webapp = Get-SPWebApplication “http://ca.krossfarm.com”    
$webapp.SuiteNavBrandingText = “Central Admin (Dev)”    

To Set the Logo:

$webapp.SuiteNavBrandingLogoUrl = "http://ca.krossfarm.com1/Shared%20Documents/leaf-and-flames-logo.jpg"    
$webapp.SuiteNavBrandingLogoTitle ="KrossFarm"    
$webapp.SuiteNavBrandingLogoNavigationUrl = "http://ca.krossfarm.com"    

Source: credit to this article:

SharePoint 2016 How Change SuitBar’s Text PowerShell

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