Given a PnP cmdlet such as Get-PnPList there're a bunch of properties available but they're not populated upon executing the cmdlet. I'm looking for a way to load all of them, in a single call.

I know you can do Get-PnPList -Identity [list] -Includes [Properties you want to load]. However, I've not found a way to load all of them at once.

I've tried gathering all possible properties in a variable using it for the -Includes parameter like so:

$props = Get-PnPList | Get-Member -MemberType Property | Select-Object Name -ExpandProperty Name Get-PnPList -Identity [list ]-Includes $props

Unfortunately, I'm getting Get-PnPList : The query expression 'Param_0.Context' is not supported.

Now, I suspect this error springs from the Context property but is there're a way to achieve what I'm trying to?



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