I indexed some sample html, pdf, text files into Onedrive.I need to add new properties fileds and values to those files. How can i do this. can anyone please suggest a solution.


Adding custom metadata is not supported in OneDrive. The oneDrive is something like a windows folder in the cloud.

There is an open uservoice regarding this requirement in the oneDrive forum - but no clear answer yet.

How can we improve the OneDrive Developer Platform?

The latest reply from Microsoft about the above requirement:

"We have a preview of custom metadata for OneDrive Personal available now. We’re definitely interested in feedback on the approach and how apps will use it!"

As per September 2017 - update from Microsoft regarding the custom metadata as below:

"Custom facets provide a way for you to store your own metadata on items. This can be used to keep track of custom state alongside an item, hold a link to a related item in another system, and various other things. Just like OneDrive's own facets, custom facets follow a schema so that you can be sure the data stays consistent and valid, even when used with multiple apps."

MSDN Source:

Custom facets (preview)

  • I used microsoft graph api to add new folder and new file to onedrive. But i did not find how to add custom properties to existing files.
    – Akhil
    Apr 14 '20 at 12:45

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