In the SharePoint List, total is being displayed. But I need to upate the total in a column of every item using calculated formula. If this is possible can anyone help me with the calculated formula.

I have tried with =SUM(ID) , =Count(ID) , =MAX(ID)---But that is not the result I want.

Ex: There are 20 items in list. SoI need 20 printed in that entire column which I'm not able to fetch.

Thanks in advance

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Calculated column does not support doing calculation for different items. If you need to get a column sum and list view total is not what you want, custom script will be your only option.

Here is a thread with similar question with some sample scripts you can have a try: Displaying sum value of a column in some other place in the page

  • <%#Convert.ToInt32(((IList)((Repeater)Container.Parent).DataSource).Count)%> Added this code in SharePoint ASP.Repeater to fetch count of all items. It is showing in the increasing order. Can you please tell me if I am wrong at the code Commented Apr 13, 2020 at 7:47

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