In SharePoint Online, as part of the Modern Team site, there is a MaintenanceLogs Web feature with the ID 8c6f9096-388d-4eed-96ff-698b3ec46fc4. This feature does not exist even in SharePoint 2019.

Does anyone know what this feature is supposed to do? I could not find any documentation describing it. I have checked if this feature exusted as part of a classic Team site and it it's not present there. So I am curious what this does exactly.

This is how I have retrieved this feature:

Get-PnPFeature -Scope Web 

enter image description here


MaintenanceLogs feature was added in 2018 and is responsible for adding the _catalogs/MaintenanceLogs library. It's hidden and I am not sure if we are supposed to manually activate it. But from what I can see by looking into the feature XML files, this feature is harmless and does not add anything except for the /_catalogs/MaintenanceLogs library.

MaintenanceLogs library is a legacy feature that was there since at least 2013. It contains logs containing site collection upgrade information. For some reason, it is still used in the modern team sites. Probably for some compatability reasons.

enter image description here

There might be a case when /_catalogs/MaintenanceLogs library is missing due to a glitch. In this case, you can activate this feature via the code:

Connect-PnPOnline -url "https://contoso.sharepoint.com/sites/ModernTeamSite"
$MaintenanceLogsFeatureID = "8c6f9096-388d-4eed-96ff-698b3ec46fc4"
Enable-PnPFeature -Identity $MaintenanceLogsFeatureID

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