I have my sharepoint site "Group1", and in the site there is an email Group1@company.onmicrosoft.com how can I see which users are receiving the email for that email? I am the owner and site admin for the sharepoint, but I cant find the place where that is specified.

My site has multiple owners, yet only a few received the email it seems. Where can I look the people associated to the email?

  • You can check it with your global administrator or user management administrator. You can see these details in office 365 admin portal. Apr 9 '20 at 15:55

Go to the Office 365 admin center using the below URL:


  • Click on the Group from the left panel.

  • Select your group from the group dashboard and double click on it.

  • In the right-side panel dialog box click on the "Members"

  • Below you can see the members of the that group


Office 365 Group Members Details


  • Whenever we create a modern site in SharePoint online or team from Microsoft Teams, an office 365 group will be created automatically.

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