So, I'm trying to write a script to iterate through all web apps, extract the groups & members from each site collection/child site and output to CSV.
I used Konstantin Vlasenko's function to extract group information. Works like a charm! What I'm trying to do now is get this to get all web apps, get all webs and then get all sites. Here's what I have so far but......so far all I get in my array is the code exported to CSV. I'm off somewhere. Can you see what I'm missing?

... {


$groups = @()
$webapps = Get-SPWebApplication
$sites = $webapps | Get-SPSite
$webs = $sites | Get-SPWeb
function Get-SPPermissionsRoles($web, $recursive){
foreach($webapp in $webapps)
#$sites = Get-SPSite $webapps
foreach($site in $sites)
$webs | Get-SPUser | % { New-Object PSObject -Property {
$grpobject = Add-Member -Name UserLogin = $.UserLogin
$grpobject = Add-Member -Name 'Roles given explicitly' = $
$grpobject = Add-Member -Name 'Roles given via groups' = $.Groups | %{$.Roles}
$grpobject = Add-Member -Name Groups = $_.Groups
$grpobject = Add-Member -Name Url = $web.Url
$groups += $grpobject

          if($recursive) { $web.Webs | % { Get-SPPermissionsRoles $_ $recursive }   }  

Get-SPPermissionsRoles $webs $true | Export-Csv -Path "E:\Temp\Roles.csv"
$groups | Export-Csv "E:\temp\groups.csv"


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