I'm struggling with a CORS request to our SharePoint 2010 server. It seems that the CORS request to the SharePoint server requires authentication, which the pre-flight of the CORS-request does not provide. So the answer from SharePoint seems to be a 401 Unauthorized for the pre-flight, so the whole request fails. Now I'm searching, how I can disable authentication for a single SharePoint page or if it is even possible? Does anybody know a way to disable the authentication just for a single page and not on the farm level?

Here is a link to my CORS request issue on Stackoverflow for everybody, who is interested in details for the CORS request.


Many thanks in advance for any help!

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I was able to solve this issue, by using a simple request of CORS. By using a simple request no pre-flight is being done and so the request does not fail. See this link for more details about simple requests:


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