Just wondering if someone can offer me some advice, I have recently configured a SharePoint 2019 farm with server mini roles, this consists of:

  • 1 Application Server
  • 1 Search Server
  • 2 x Web Front End & Distributed Cache

I have fully patched the farm and configured everything as expected, however I have recently noticed that the Distributed Cache Service is only showing as running on 1 server. If I go to the other server that is not displaying the distributed cache server as stopped I can see that the AppFabric Caching service is running as expected.

If can also run a PowerShell script that display the service status of the cache, this shows two servers both with the service status up.

Can someone please provide me with some advice, should I be seeing the distributed cache service displaying started on both servers that have the combined roles? If so what am I doing wrong? I have tried running:


However this just displays in central administration that the service is not compliant on the server.

Appreciate any advice on this.

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I have just resolved this, I first removed the distributed cache using:


Then I added it again using:


It is now showing at started on services on server.

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