I have been allocated a site in SharePoint Online (latest/greatest version), full privileges to my Site Collection ... and zero privileges outside of that site collection.

I have SharePoint Designer 2013.

Neither InfoPath or PowerApps are options for me.

Q: How can I customize the forms? Simple things: like rearrange the order of some fields; hide other fields?

I looked here, but I don't see any options to visually edit a form using my current versions of either SharePoint Designer or SharePoint. I'm guessing that both have changed since that answer was posted in 2014.


Q: What tools are available to modify a "classic" (.aspx) SharePoint form? Again: InfoPath and PowerApps are not options.

Q: Are there any tutorials you can point me to that tell me enough about SharePoint aspx syntax that I can modify the forms in Notepad? Without a visual designer, SPD 2013 is little better than notepad.

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You can rearrange the order of fields by list settings-> change column ordering...it will re-order fields in forms...

You can also hide column using list settings - use below link https://myclassbook.org/hide-column-fields-sharepoint-2013/

For any other customization, You can modify forms pages by add content editor webpart to all 3 forms and use jquery to do the customization. Below are steps for same

Hope this helps..!!

  • It does help! Thank you!
    – paulsm4
    Commented Apr 3, 2020 at 6:15

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