We have moved our internal newsletter to run through sharepoint, We have one list (Dates List) which contains the dates and workflow of emails and reminders, and another list which contains the submissions (Submissions List), linked to the date list with a lookup column called Newsletter Dates.

On the submissions list, I've got a yes/no column called current which indicates if the submission is for an upcoming or past newsletter (yes by default since all new submissions will be for upcoming newsletters).

I want a workflow to automatically switch this to "no" once the newsletter date has passed. However, I can't do a "pause until date" workflow as people can select multiple newsletter dates (for repeat notices) when they submit so it can't use that data.

In the Dates list The Newsletter Dates field is workflowed to empty on the day of the newsletter, so it no longer appears in the submission form (to prevent people from submitting for past newsletters). So for the Current Yes/no workflow, I thought I could reference the Newsletter Dates column- essentially: Wait until Newsletter Dates is empty

This works, but there seems to be a delay of several days for it to come through - For example, our last newsletter went out on March 18 and one one submission workflow history shows the following

  • The submission was posted on March 13
  • All the other tasks in the workflow happened on March 13, with the last one being: Waiting on Newsletter Dates
  • The Newsletter Dates column in the Dates list was workflowed to empty at 10am on the March 18
  • The workflow history on the submission has Waiting complete on Newsletter Dates happening on March 31, updates the status and completes the workflow.

The thing that is stumping me is why it took almost 2 weeks for the workflow to detect the change in the Newsletter Dates column?

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