I have a column named Soort. It has 3 stringvalues. One of them is Brandstof. There are 2 other columns: AantalKm and Km-vergoeding. They are both numbers fields. And there is a KostenBrandstof column. This is a calculated field (number).

The value in this field has to be: If Soort=Brandstof, then AantalKm*Km=vergoeding. Otherwise it can be 0.

So, it tried several things like this: =IF([Soort]="Brandstof";[AantalKm]*[Km-vergoeding],0)

But that does not work. What am i doing wrong?

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You have a mix of semicolons and commas in your formula. Depending on your locale settings, you must stick with one of them.

Based on your column names and values I would pick commas:


If this gives the error "The formula contains a syntax error or is not supported.", swap the commas with semicolons and try again.

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    You are right. I mixed up the semicolons and commas. The formula that worked for me is: =ALS(Soort="Brandstof";AantalKm*[Km-vergoeding];0) I need to use semicolons. Thanks
    – Mirte
    Apr 3, 2020 at 5:40

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