I need to create a forecast list where users can enter the projected number of staff for each project. Rather than manually entering the columns for each month, is there an automated way of creating a single entry with different values per month?

This is what im trying to achieve:

Table view

The idea is to make it dynamic without having to manually add new months as the years go by.

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The typical method would be to create a list with three columns: project, month, and projectedStaff. Adding a new estimate would just involve adding a row.

Power BI or Excel could connect to this list and do a "pivot" to output the data as you have in your example, where each month is in a different column.

Optionally, you could create a power app to simplify the process of adding rows. For example, it could simply provide three textboxes for the values, and the app could take care of creating a row for each value.

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