I'm looking for some clarification before I redo my work. I've been working to do some integration between a few of our tools. Mainly Appenate, Sharepoint and Teams.

We use Appenate to create forms/checklists that then get uploaded to sharepoint. Let's say we do a site survey of a client, we get a nice formatted file and pictures, unfortunately this is the issue. The txt file always uploads, but the others, out of 5 images sometimes I'll get 2, other times 0. They always give the same error ( this is from appenate )

SharePoint Document Connector: Could not create file in folder '/sites/Technicians/Shared Documents/Technical client documentation/Clients/Long Company Name, Inc/System Information/' due to SharePoint error: The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found. Ensure your SharePoint user has relevant access permissions and review your configuration

Uploading seems to be, random at best with this. Their "sharepoint connector" I assume just uses the rest api on the backend, so I think I'm hitting the file upload limit with for rest. Of which there is a workaround but only if you're in control of the upload.

Relevant stack article

Maybe someone using appenate might have run into this. I've reached out to them.

Follow up, so which will be easier/smarter at the end of the day? Dumping this stuff back to an on prem FTP server and then up to Sharepoint ( hosted in azure ) or dump it up to onedrive enterprise ( which I already know works) and then script moving it from onedrive to sharepoint.

This is all to have access via teams if that makes any difference.

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