I got these 3 fields in the form where in text form my colleges input date and time. But sometimes they put in wrong times in the fields, and I want a validation for that.

See the picture, if "Ärende påbörjat" is less than "Ärende tilldelad" and "Ärende tilldelad" is less than "Ärende inkommet" I want it to give a warning.

I also want it to be possible to leave the fields empty and save the form. I've tried myself but cant solve it.

enter image description here

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Navigate to List Settings->Validation settings->add the following formula:

=AND([Ärende inkommet]<[Ärende tilldelad],[Ärende tilldelad]<[Ärende påbörjat])

enter image description here

  • With this it wont let me leave the fields blank and save
    – 288088
    Apr 6, 2020 at 0:28

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