What is the maximum limit of unique permissions that can be set to a SharePoint list item without compromising its performance? The Custom list does not have too many look up columns but one custom column which adds documents.

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Maximum unique permission in a list is allowed 50,000 but as per Microsoft recommended is 5000

Maximum Unique Permission

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The supported limit is 50,000, but the recommended general limit is 5,000. Making changes to more than 5,000 uniquely permissioned items at a time takes longer. For large lists, design to have as few unique permissions as possible.

As the number of unique permissions in a list increases, performance decreases. The throughput difference for operations on a list between 0 and 1,000 unique permissions is around 20 percent. I recommend that you consider lowering this limit to 5,000 unique permissions and for large lists consider using a design that uses as few unique permissions as possible. This will help not only performance, but also manageability.

SharePoint limits

  • Is it also applicable for SharePoint online?
    – nbi
    Nov 2, 2022 at 12:55
  • Yes, same 50 000 limit applies.
    – luccio
    Nov 15, 2022 at 11:11

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