I got interesting use case. I have SharePoint 2016 environment which is hosted on virtual machines in the cloud (one DB server + one Application / Frontend server). Customer asked me to copy one of their site collections and to put it to totally different environment. That would be easy with just backup / restore, but there are some special conditions:

  • new location is in totally different domain and in fact it is 100% internal
  • in the new location they don't have any SharePoint setup yet, they are able to organize servers
  • I have to come up with something easy and bulletproof, because I cannot be there onsite to help with setup

These are my thoughts so far:

  • Option One: I let them buy necessary licenses for SharePoint 2016 and SQL Server and ask their technical guys to setup the farm on their premises. Then I prepare the package containing backup of my site collection + all necessary scripts / instructions to set the things up. I'm not very sure about that however, because their guys don't have too much SharePoint experience
  • Option Two: We buy necessary server (singular because I assume single server environment would be suitable for their purposes) / licenses, we set everything up, then we send the server to them and they just pin it into their domain. I don't have experience with that however and I'm not sure if it's possible at all and / or easy enough for them to handle.
  • I've heard SharePoint Foundation 2013 is easy to install and free which is big advantage. Do you guys think this is something to consider?

Any other ideas?

Regards, George

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