in our SP2019 farm there is no option for auditing View/Downloads.

See this MS Support article: The "Opening/Downloading" option has been REMOVED in SP 2019.

But I tried to do the following:

  1. Reporting feature under Site Collection Feature should be activated.

  2. To start tracking who and when has viewed / downloaded, etc.., the documents, first you have to create a Site Collection Policy as mentioned below. Site Actions -> Site Settings -> Site Collection Policies

Create new policy -> Provide Name and check the box for Enable Auditing Select Events you would like to audit -> Click OK

enter image description here

  1. Then, you have to setup the Document Library / List that you would like to audit Set up the Document Library / List which requires auditing. Go to List Settings or Library Settings of the List / Document Library you would like to audit.

Click on Information Management Policy Settings. Select the content type that you want to set the policy for auditing. Under use site collection policy of that particular content type, select the policy you had defined in first step and click OK.

enter image description here However, I did not start auditing with these steps.

So the question: is it possible to audit views of Documents with SP2019?

Thank you.


Yes, we could still audit views of Documents in SP2019.

Although the "Opening/Downloading" option has been REMOVED in SP 2019 audit log settings, the option is still available in site settings-> Audit log reports-> Run a custom report.

enter image description here

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  • I tried this option before I wrote it here. For some reason it didn't work and suddenly it started to work. I do not understand why. However, I do not see in the column "Event" - downloaded or edited. Even if I downloaded the document through SharePoint List or when the document was opened in the browser using OOS and I gave the document downloaded. Can you explain why please? – Cleemas Mar 25 at 10:25
  • Event for downloaded or opened document is same: "Displayed". – Cleemas Mar 25 at 14:43

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