I am trying to retrieve the items from list using restapi with camlquery in SPFx solution but i am not able to get the items because of the thershold. How to overcome. The code like below.

let viewXML = list.ListViewXml;
        let tempviewXML = viewXML;
        let indexOfRowLimit = tempviewXML.indexOf("<RowLimit");
        let trimmedString = tempviewXML.substring(0, indexOfRowLimit);
        trimmedString = trimmedString + "<RowLimit>5000</RowLimit></View>";
        viewXML = trimmedString;
const options: ISPHttpClientOptions = {
          headers: { "odata-version": "3.0" },
          body: `{'query': {
                '__metadata': {'type': 'SP.CamlQuery'},
        'ViewXml': '${viewXML}'
          .then(data => {})

Thanks in Advance

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