after a request of one of our users, we managed to change the name of a sharepointsite, but now they also want to change the name of the mail address. I haven't found this yet. Is this possible and if so, how do I proceed?


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I am assuming this is the Email address for the connected Office 365 Group. You can update this using PowerShell:



Set-UnifiedGroup –Identity ExistingName –PrimarySmtpAddress newemail@yourdomain.com

If you want to change the email address of a Group site, you can have a try with Set-UnifiedGroup cmdlet, refer to the article: Is there a way to change O365 group email address using powershell

And also this one: Change Office 365 Group or Team Email Address


It's not possible to change the name, you will need to create a new one with your preferred name to set it to your group!

Once you created the new email with your preferred name, you can now use Set-UnifiedGroup to update the current assigned email with the new one as the following:

Set-UnifiedGroup -Identity "Group Name" -EmailAddresses: @{Add ="New Email"}

Finally, remove the old email like the following:

Set-UnifiedGroup -Identity "Group Name" -EmailAddresses: @{Remove="old email"}

Note: The below address can't be changed

  • mailbox email address.
  • group email address
  • no-reply@sharepointonline address

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