I am using SharePoint Online. I am trying to create a Drop off library. I have a required "Customer" field. The idea is that I want the file to be moved to a subfolder within that customers folder. For example:


Where "Michael" is the client. So if the user uploads a file, selects the content type as "Plans" customer as "Michael" and file type as "PDF", it moves the file into the correct location.

The issue I have faced is I can create a folder based on a column, but I can't create subfolders.

For this hypothetical situation I have set Destination to be:


I have checked "Automatically create a folder for each unique value of a property:"

and have tried to set the folder to be:


but it doesn't work because I'm not allowed to use / in the folder name.


It's by design that forder name is formated by %1-%2, and you could only select one single,required property.

When the folder is created:

%1 will be replaced by the name of the property

%2 will be replaced with the unique value for the property

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