I migrated off of SharePoint 2010 to 2019 and its great but... As items were migrated, the originals were deleted in 2010. When all the sites were deleted, so were the web apps. Fast forward 7 months and I realize files that weren't migrated off a root site collection in my CDN web app are now needed. The root site collection and the CDN web app were deleted... Stupid to delete root site collections.. I know.

Anyway, I think this will be easy. I spin up the old 2010 servers create a new web app mount the database which does by the way contain two deleted site collections, one being the root. In Powershell I run

Get-SPDeletedSite "/"

It finds no root sites but it's there and all the files I need are there as well so then I run

Get-SPDeletedSite -Identity 610857cb-8414-4a89-8bf3-ad3628f6c86c -ContentDatabase CONTENT_CDN

And when it errors indicating no site with that ID is found I run

Get-SPDeletedSite -ContentDatabase CONTENT_CDN

And get nothing.

I did look to see If I could restore the content database back to a time before the site was deleted and did, all the way back from April 2019 but when restored the sites in the content database show deleted=True. I don't understand that. Is it hopeless? Even though the database contains all I seek, is there no way to restore this?

  • Do you still have access to the content database of the root site collection? If so, take a backup and restore it in the new (2019) SP database server. And then mount the database like:Mount-SPContentDatabase -Name "Your_ConttentDB_Root" -WebApplication "YourwebApplication.com" – Matiur Rahman Mar 20 at 19:42

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