I am migrating a solution from SP2013 to SP Online. I have a library of documents with start and end date for when they were applicable. I need a way for the user to enter a date range, and then return all documents that overlap with this range at all.

In on-prem SharePoint, I used two date filter web parts to set two parameters and then filtered by these parameters (all using SharePoint Designer). But not seeing how I might do something similar with SP Online. It does not appear to have data filter web parts (or anything analogous). At the moment I am hating SP Online (everything is different!) Would appreciate any pointers.

  • In Modern experience you need to use the SharePoint default filters on column headers in library view. In classic experience you can use metadata navigation settings of document library for filtering on specific fields (you can also use connected webparts). Mar 19, 2020 at 3:45

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  1. In the classic SharePoint library, you could insert date filter web part. enter image description here

  2. In the modern SharePoint library, you could use filter. enter image description here

  3. Modify the current view, set filter. enter image description here

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