I am currently creating a custom web part, the webpart is using PropertyFieldCollectionData to collect user data (https://sharepoint.github.io/sp-dev-fx-property-controls/controls/PropertyFieldCollectionData/). I want the user to be able to use a rich text editor so I am using the customFieldId within PropertyFieldCollectionData to render my own controls. I am using it to render the CKeditor and have also tried JoditEditor.

                  id: "customFieldId",
                  title: "Custom Field",
                  type: CustomCollectionFieldType.custom,
                  onCustomRender: (field, value, item, itemId, onUpdate) => {
                    return (


it renders the editor enter image description here But I am not able to access any of the values that the user has entered in my webpart. How can I get the values entered?

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In your code example, the value would have to be passed to the onUpdate function on your onCustomRender property.

You can see how this is done in the bottom example on the page you linked:

01. {
02.   id: "customFieldId",
03.   title: "Custom Field",
04.   type: CustomCollectionFieldType.custom,
05.   onCustomRender: (field, value, onUpdate, item, itemId, onError) => {
06.     return (
07.       React.createElement("div", null,
08.        React.createElement("input", { key: itemId, value: value, onChange: (event: React.FormEvent<HTMLInputElement>) => {
09.           if (event.currentTarget.value === "error") {
10.            onError(field.id, "Value shouldn't be equal to error");
11.          } else {
12.            onError(field.id, "");
13.          }
14.          onUpdate(field.id, event.currentTarget.value);
15.        }}), " 🎉"
16.      )
17.    );
18.  }
19. }

Here, the inputelement will fire the onChange event when it updates. (line 8)

In React.createElementthis is passed along to onUpdate after some validation (line 14).

onCustomRender will then set the value of this.properties.customFieldIdto the updated value.

You will have to check the properties of the component you are using to see how this is done for that and adjust your React.createElement accordingly...


Thought I would come back and share what my code looks like after finally getting this to work. Just in case it can help any one!

                      id: "description",
                      title: strings.descriptionField,
                      type: CustomCollectionFieldType.custom,
                      onCustomRender: (field, value, onUpdate, item, itemId, onError) => {
                        return (
                          React.createElement("div", null,
                            React.createElement(CKEditor, {
                              data: value,
                              editor: ClassicEditor,
                              key: itemId,
                              value: value,
                              config: editorConfig,
                              onInit: (editor: any) => { 
                                editor.plugins.get("FileRepository").createUploadAdapter = (loader: any) => {
                                  return new UploadAdapter(loader);
                              onChange: (event: Event, editor: ClassicEditor) => {
                                const data = editor.getData();
                                onUpdate(field.id, data);

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