I'm trying to see what my options are to accomplish the following:

I have a list and a library on a site. The list will provide a link to the document in the attached library, as well as display associated column data from the library (the library document properties, of course).

When a document is moved (created) to the library, a workflow creates an item in the list, and populates the columns there with the data from the columns in the library doc properties.

How am I able to refresh the list items when the library doc properties are modified? Can a workflow accomplish this?

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You can develop a workflow on the library which should trigger on item creation and create item action and in the configuration of create item select the custom list and map all document library columns (document properties) with the custom list column (the custom list should have the needed mapping columns). That's it - on item creation on document library your custom list will be updated and refreshed.

For details steps, you may refer to the below article :

How to a copy list item to another list using SharePoint designer workflow

  • I hadn't seen that there was an UPDATE option in workflows. Thank you.
    – DanJ
    Mar 17, 2020 at 19:30

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