I want a link that I can use for anonymous users to download a document on my SharePoint. The question has already been answered here, however I think the answer is not up to date anymore because the format of the link changed.

Currently, I can generate a link that allows anyone who has the link to edit the file. But the link I get looks something like this:


How do I get the download link from this?


You can restrict the link to be read only, but you cannot get a link to directly download the file for non authenticated users. It will link to the web view of the file:

enter image description here

Depending on your sharing settings (either tenant level, OneDrive, SharePoint or pr site) anonymous link sharing might be disabled altogether...

  • Is there a reason for why this is not possible anymore? Also this means, that if I want to download a document from SharePoint I will always need to do some sort of authentication to make it possible, right?
    – e_mai
    Mar 14 '20 at 23:12
  • It would mean you could set up a tenant as a "free" file share. I think it is quite clear why that isn't possible... Mar 14 '20 at 23:29

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