Is it possible to open the "Manage Access" Panel for a List Item or the advanced "Permissions" Panel to share the site in modern SharePoint Online (Modern Page/List etc.) with JS?

I know it can be done with legacy 'sharing.js' and something like SP.SOD.executeFunc / executeOrDelayUntilScriptLoaded / EnsureScriptFunc("sharing.js", "DisplaySharingDialog", function () { but all of this is not available any more in modern Sites (a Communication Site to be precise).

For the permissions Panel I woule like the advanced version from Suite Bar -> Settings Icon -> Site information. Not the "Share site" link on the landing page.

Ideally it is not a solution like "use jQuery to click on the list item 3-dots menu and then on Manage Access" but either to call some new API that is available or somehow include legacy Scripts so that the SP namespace and all of the global functions are available. It can be SPFx specifc or pure JS.

Manage Access Dialog for a List Item Advanced Permissions Dialog to share the Site

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I found an answer that is acceptable for my case to one part of the question. On the landing page of a Comm Site (and other modern pages) there is a global function that can be called to open the advanced permissions panel.


Calling this on list pages or site contents throws a not defined error. There are some more functions like _spLaunchSiteSettings(), _spLaunchSiteDesignProgress(), _spLaunchChangeTheLookPanel() but nothing so far that can be called to open the Manage Access Panel for a list item.

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