Im trying to figure out using .NET CSOM if a specific user is a member of a SP group through an AD group. Currently we have the following code running, but if a user is added to an SP group using an AD group he/she slips through the cracks.

 public bool UserIsMemberOfGroup(string loginName, string groupName)
                var siteContext = _applicationContext.CurrentSiteContext.ElevatedClientContext;

                var siteGroup = siteContext.Web.SiteGroups.GetByName(groupName);
                siteContext.Load(siteGroup, group => group.Users);

                var loginNameLowerCase = loginName.ToLower();

                var userInGroup = siteGroup.Users.FirstOrDefault(user => user.LoginName.ToLower().EndsWith(loginNameLowerCase));

                return userInGroup != null;

I suppose I could check all AD groups within a SP group to see if the user is a member of any of those. But I recon there should be an easier way.

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