I'm trying to correct a broken web part that's not pointing to the correct list (Content Query Web Part). However, when I click to edit, I get the "Sorry, something went wrong"...File Not Found. There's a link to "Web Parts Maintenance Page". When I click on it, I see my Content by Query type but not sure where to from there. The only options I have are links: Close, Reset, Delete, Go Back to Web Part Page, or Switch to Personal View. Is there a way to correct this web part from here?

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You can delete the content query web part and readd the content query web part.

  • Should I view or inspect the source to see what the property settings are for that web part? Or just put it up adjust as i go? The format looks different than the views in the actual lists.
    – adams-j
    Commented Mar 12, 2020 at 13:02

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