We run SP 2010.

We have multiple AD domains in the enterprise due to mergers and acquisitions. We now have managers and employees under the manager working in different domains.

Is there a solution for this where I can have AD1\User1 and make his manager AD3\Mngr2?

We currently bring all people into User Profiles but the organisational browser cannot display a manager in a different AD to the current profile being used.

Any solutions will be appreciated.

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I enabled netbios in sharepoint and now we can see managers in different domains

TechNet: Configure profile synchronization (SharePoint Server 2010)

$ServiceApps = Get-SPServiceApplication
$UserProfileServiceApp = ""
foreach ($sa in $ServiceApps)
  {if ($sa.DisplayName -eq "<UPSAName>") 
    {$UserProfileServiceApp = $sa}
$UserProfileServiceApp.NetBIOSDomainNamesEnabled = 1

Replace with the name of the User Profile service application.

  • Practical question and good answer. Thank you both! Mar 7, 2012 at 22:18

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