Does anyone know how to implement the principle of least privilege on OneDrive for Business on an Office 365 tenant?

I would like to have a way for an automated process to be able to only upload to a certain path on OneDrive/Sharepoint but not able to list or download the files.

Does anyone know of a solution? Ideally without having to create separate users on Office 365 and paying for their licenses, as that would become expensive very quickly considering I would need over a dozen accounts.

  • While you can grant Read privileges without granting editing or uploading permissions, I do not believe the opposite is true. SharePoint generally requires Read access as a prerequisite to be able to grant access to create new items and files.
    – willman
    Commented Mar 6, 2020 at 18:44

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If you can upload, you have to be able to read, but before you go too far down this path why are you trying to share and lock down a onedrive, SharePoint should typically be used for this kind of activity.

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