I am trying to add a calculated field using the AddFieldAsXML method. And below is how I constructed the field xml.

> fieldXML ="<Field ID=\"{ABB544B1-5433-4B49-A629-7B242D3548E5}\"
> DisplayName=\"Test_field\"  ResultType=\"Text\" Name=\"testfield\">" +
> "<Formula>=CONCATENATE(column1,\"_\",column2)</Formula>"
>                 + "<FieldRefs>"
>                 + "<FieldRef Name=\"column1\" />"
>                 + "<FieldRef Name=\"column2\" />"
>                 + "</FieldRefs>"
>                 + "</Field>";

When I am trying to add it, I am getting an exception "Key cannot be null".

Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • If there is a space in the display name of your columns then make sure to use [] around column names. Mar 4, 2020 at 10:08

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I think you are missing Type of the Field Element. Add below to Field element in XML:


Reference: Field element (Field).


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