Can we use ProcessBatchData method of SPWeb to apply unique permission on a list item? I know this method supports insert/update/delete but I am not sure if we can apply permissions in bulk.


I think you may have look into the below third party tool :

Item Permission Batch

Bulk assign, remove or change SharePoint permissions

for multiple list items or documents.

This tool has free as well as paid version - if this is your one time use, you can download it and make use of this.

The above tool can be downloaded from here.

  • Yes I saw that but I want to do it from code as I am importing data in bulk from database into SharePoint list and want to assign permission on the fly. – Frank Martin Mar 2 '20 at 19:14
  • Ohhk, I got it now :-) – GSD - SharePoint Mar 3 '20 at 0:56

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