I am working on a remote event receiver, and i want to reference a mail-enabled security group using the email, i tried this:-

User pmoGroup = context.Web.SiteUsers.Where(a => a.Email.ToLower().StartsWith("pmo@")).SingleOrDefault();

now this security group is already added to a SharePoint group, so it should be inside the siteUsers (inside the user info hidden list), but my above code will get null value for the pmoGroup. any advice?

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Instead of accessing the siteusers, can we iterate all the users from the "User Information List" as below and from that can we take the pmogroup,

ClientContext clientContext = new ClientContext("http://your site/");
Web web = clientContext.Web;
List siteUserInfoList = web.SiteUserInfoList;
CamlQuery query = new CamlQuery();
query.ViewXml = "";
IEnumerable<ListItem> itemColl = clientContext.LoadQuery(siteUserInfoList.GetItems(query));
foreach (var item in itemColl)
    Console.WriteLine("ID:{0}  Email:{1} Title:{2}", item.Id, item["EMail"], item["Title"]);
   if(item["EMail"]!= null){
       var userValue = (FieldUserValue)item["Name"];
       var user = clientContext.Web.GetUserById(userValue.LookupId);
       clientContext.Load(user, x => x.LoginName);
       string thisWillBeUsersLoginName = user.LoginName;

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