I'm trying to access through the Excel Rest API an excel file "My Excel File.xlsx", but regardless how I what excel services URL I use, I either get 404 or file does not exist or is deleted.

This is what I've tried:

https://mysharepointsite.sharepoint.com/teams/_vti_bin/ExcelRest.aspx/CustomerZ/NewDocuments/Archived Renewal Items/My Excel File.xlsx/Model/Tables?$format=json

I can access the file normally from the browser using the URL as below.

https://mysharepointsite.sharepoint.com/:x:/r/teams/CustomerZ/NewDocuments/Archived Renewal Items/My Excel File.xlsx?d=dfs54lkj983m8crklfd98u45mdlksf4a2&csf=1&e=TgifaX

What would be the correct excel services URL?

Note that the URL are decoded to make things easier to understand, the original URL-s I've tried were correctly encoded.

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The problem seems to be on the “Tables?$format=json” part.

Here’s another similar post for your reference, the marked answer is using URL formatted as:

/_vti_bin/ExcelRest.aspx/…/My Excel File.xlsx/model/Tables('" + tableName + "')?$format=json

Or maybe use Microsoft graph api to get access to Excel files.

Other references:

Basic URI Structure and Path.

Excel REST API in SharePoint Online.

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