I have terms like

       Team 1
       Team 2
         player 1
         player 2
         player 3

       Team n     
         player n
         player n
         player n

I need help to put the value of only the third level term, i.e (team 1 & team 2 upto Team n,) following the above format to be stored in an array using c# CSOM

output should be an array with only team1, team2 upto team n.

Note output should be an array. example: a[] = {team1, team2, team3. .... team n} using c#, csom

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    What code have you tried, and what specific problems have you run into? – willman Feb 26 at 17:06
  • StackExchange is not a code writing service. Share the code you have attempted and we will help you troubleshoot and make corrections. – willman Feb 27 at 1:01

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