Does anyone know what FilePickerExternalImageSearchEnabled tenant property is?

Connect-SPOService -Url https://contoso-admin.sharepoint.com/
$tenant = Get-SPOTenant

SharePoint Online Documentation isn't super helpful in answering this question. Is there any insight into what this setting is?

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When the FilePickerExternalImageSearchEnabled is set to true, which is the default setting, then any time a content editor is using the modern interface to choose an image, for example, in a "hero" webpart, or simply "image" webpart, they are presented with a dialog that allows the user to choose from "Recent" images, perform a "Web search" for images, look in "OneDrive" for existing images, look in the current "Site", "Upload" a new file from their hard drive, or paste in a "Link" to an existing image. See the following screenshot of the Image Picker with the "Web Search" option selected.

Screen shot of Image Search File Picker

When this setting is set to false, using set-spotenant -FilePickerExternalImageSearchEnabled $false, the "Web Search" option is no longer visible in this commonly used Image Picker dialog. See the image screenshot below.

Note, that like most tenant-level settings, it can take 5 minutes or more before each site in the tenant picks up the new setting. Also, to see the new value with get-spoTenant immediately after the change, you would need to either start a new PowerShell session or execute disconnect-sponline and then re-connect.

Screenshot of Image Picker without Web Search


According to the official documentation given for PnP Office 365 CLI at: SPO Tenant Settings Set,

FilePickerExternalImageSearchEnabled is a boolean property of global tenant settings which Enables file picker external image search.

Allowed values for FilePickerExternalImageSearchEnabled are true and false.

  • Thank you, Ganesh, can you, please explain what the setting is doing exactly? Feb 25 '20 at 5:10

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