For SharePoint Online, I'm looking for a way to globally change the search input placeholder text shown in the attached screenshot. Is this possible without having to add a javascript web-part on every single page?

sharepoint online site search

I have tried messing with "Site Settings > Search Settings" before, but when I change those settings it seems to only change the "admin" search input which appears to be an entirely different search component with a dropdown [2nd screenshot].

sharepoint online search settings

Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!


It isn't possible without deploying something to each site. In addition, the search bar will be moving to the SuiteNav, I believe scheduled for end of this month. As for anything in the SuiteNav, it should not be overridden with custom CSS.

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  • the site search bar is going to be put inside the SuiteNav? Isn't that the "waffle menu" in the top left for all office programs? Seems odd to move Sharepoint site search to that location – Pat Kavanagh Feb 24 at 18:22
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    SuiteNav is the entire bar at the top of the screen; it will be moved into the middle of that bar. – Trevor Seward Feb 24 at 18:23
  • Is there a changelog or feature release for Sharepoint Online somewhere that would be tracking these types of changes? – Pat Kavanagh Feb 24 at 18:33
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    Yes, see microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/… for this specific change. You can filter/search on other items. – Trevor Seward Feb 24 at 18:35

There is not an OOTB way to achieve your requirement.

As a workaround, you could add JavaScript/jQuery code by react script editor in all the modern pages.

Or you could create an Application Customizer solution to inject custom JavaScript code to acheive it.The following blog for your reference.

Step By Step Procedure To Add A JS File To All Pages In A SPFx Modern Pages Using SharePoint Framework Extension

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