We are in process of migrating a livelink site to Sharepoint site. We are thinking of capturing data of livelink items in XML files and then we will use these XML files to migrate data.

Right now I am unable to map the exact livelink items with sharepoint items to form XML structure. Some of the items I have identified for mapping and they are as follows

LiveLink item type  Relevant SharePoint Types 
Workspace   Site Collection Site 
Channel     Announcements List 
Discussion  Discussion Board 
Project     Site Collection Site 
Task List   Tasks List 
Task Group  Folder inside a Tasks List 
Compound Document   Folder 
URL     Link inside a Links List Document inside a Document Library (with the “Link to a Document” Content Type) 
Alias   Link inside a Links List Document inside a Document Library (with the “Link to a Document” Content Type) 
Document    Document inside a Document Library 
Text Document   Document inside a Document Library 
Folders     Depending on the content of the folder, valid options might be to migrate as Lists, Folders or even Sites. 

Now I want these livelink items to map to sharepoint

Mail type

Please guide me if anybody has already done this mapping.


in Q & A one question will have different answers and comments just like Sharepoint stack exchange site where creator of the question can accept or reject the answer.

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For the types remaining,

Blogs - SharePoint Blog Site

Q&A - Custom SharePoint List

Mail - Document in a Document Library

On another note, AvePoint has some tools for migrating LiveLink to SharePoint: http://www.avepoint.com/livelink-to-sharepoint-migration-docave/ (I don't work for them, it just seems to be the best tool for such a task).

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    Q&A could also map to a discussion list Jan 24, 2012 at 19:37

I can suggest DMS-Shuttle for LiveLink. This tool can export folder structure with documents from LiveLink and it can upload folder structures to SharePoint document library. Here is the trial Version; http://dms-shuttle.com/downloads/ By the way, it is free for students.

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