I have the following code to set the column default values for a library:-

var corpTypetaxValue = listItem["CorpType"] as TaxonomyFieldValueCollection;
var corpTypeFieldValueArray = corpTypetaxValue.Select(taxonomyFieldValue => $"1033;#{taxonomyFieldValue.Label}|{taxonomyFieldValue.TermGuid}");
var ttt = String.Join(";", corpTypeFieldValueArray);  
bb.SetFieldDefault(context.Web.GetFolderByServerRelativeUrl(webrelativeurl + "/" + i2["TemplateListUrl"].ToString()+ "/"+mainfoldername.ToString()), "CorpType", String.Join(";", corpTypeFieldValueArray)); 

the above code will work well if the CorpType contain single term, but if it contain multiple terms I will get this error when I try to modify the column defaults from the UI:

The given value for a taxonomy field was not formatted in the required ;#| format.

  • How you are adding multiple terms? Can you share the code you are using for that? Feb 20, 2020 at 11:34

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To include multiple taxonomy values, the values should be separated by ;#.




Update Managed Metadata column Default Value(s) using CSOM - C#

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