Having an issue today with a user that is not able to access their documents in their mySite area and receive a HTTP 404 Not Found error. Confirmed the site collection still exists, is active but only clicking on the documents area displays the error. Checked the logs and see the below. enter image description here

Wondering if anyone's experienced something similar. Again it's not a wide-spread issue and only limited to this one at the moment.



I was able to figure this out. Noticed the name to the documents library had been renamed. I set the name back to the default "Documents" and starting working as expected again. Thanks.

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I think this is access issue, can you try to add your my site in trusted site, then try again.

Similar thread is discussed here :

SharePoint 2013 MySite 404 Error

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  • It's almost as if the mySite "Documents" library either does not exist anymore or became corrupt somehow and can't be found. I'm a farm admin so I can get to any other user's mySite Documents library from both desktop workstation and server. – jortiz Feb 18 at 19:56

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