I have two user groups. One of them (admini_folder) is a group containing administrators, which has all available permissions. The second group is (Baza_danych_test) is a group that has display only permissions - they can't edit anything. enter image description here

I have different lists in the site content. I would like to create two views in one list - one with all the elements visible for people who are in the administrators group and the other for people from the other group.

I know how to hide records for a "normal" user - in the end the end user will see something like the one shown on the screen below. I used a simple filter for the elements. enter image description here

The admin group should see all the items in the list - as shown in the example screen below. enter image description here

When I create an administrator's view, I create it for myself. How can I share a view with a specific group of people? For example, administrators in "admini_folders" group should see the view created by me. In this view's settings I can't find the assignment of a particular group to this view. How can I do this?

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Currently there is No way to use target Audience in SharePoint Modern List view.


  1. Go to your SharePoint list.
  2. Click on Return to classic SharePoint (You can find it below left side navigation - bottom left corner of the page).
  3. Click on Settings (Gear icon) --> Edit page.
  4. Then Edit Web Part.
  5. In web part properties panel, expand Advanced section.
  6. Inside Target Audiences add your administrators group (admini_folder).
  7. Click OK.
  8. Click on PAGE from top ribbon --> Select Stop Editing.
  9. Click on Exit classic experience (You can find it below left side navigation - bottom left corner of the page).


  1. Check Target web parts to an audience at: How does Audience Targeting in a List / Document Library work?
  2. Check Web Parts topic on Page 4 at: Audience Targeting in SharePoint.

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