I am working in SharePoint 2013, and I have two OOTB web parts (list view & URL filter) that I want to connect programmatically. I also want this to be a client-side solution with JavaScript, using the JavaScript API or the REST API.

Looking at this forum post or this blog post, it seems that it is definitely possible to connect two web parts using the SharePoint client object model. But when I look at the LimitedWebPartManager API documentation, both the .NET documentation and the JavaScript API documentation make no reference to the key functions used to actually connect the web parts:

// mgr = LimitedWebPartManager object
ConsumerConnectionPointCollection ccc = mgr.GetConsumerConnectionPoints(listViewWebPart);
ProviderConnectionPointCollection ppp = mgr.GetProviderConnectionPoints(filterwebpart);

TransformableFilterValuesToParametersTransformer filterToParameterTransformer = new TransformableFilterValuesToParametersTransformer();

SPWebPartConnection conn = mgr.SPConnectWebParts(filterwebpart, ppp["ITransformableFilterValues"], listViewWebPart, ccc["ListViewFilterConsumer_WPQ_"], filterToParameterTransformer);

The documentation has no references to a GetConsumerConnectionPoints, GetProviderConnectionPoints, or a SPConnectWebParts function in the LimitedWebPartManager object.

So my question is, is there a JavaScript API equivalent to these functions?

If not, how would one go about connecting two web parts using the JavaScript API?

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