I am looking for a way to see the List/Library Template ID, var g_wsaListTemplateId. I referred some VAR which shows me as Null Value not sure as to why this.

Is there any easier way to find it?

  • Where do you want to access this value? what is the version of SharePoint you are using? – Ganesh Sanap Feb 14 at 11:24

Not sure, in which version of SharePoint you looking for but in SharePoint online and SharePoint 2016 /2019, we can easily get the list template Id using the PnP command.

Use the below PnP command :

foreach($oneList in $allLists)
  #Using the $oneList, get all the individual list property.

This will list out all lists from the current web... then loop through this list collection, there you will get the template Id of each lists.

If you want to get template Id directly from the specific list, you can use the below command :

Get-PnPList -Identity Lists/Announcements
  • I am using SharePoint online! should these be run from shaepoint management shell? – Tejas Thite 5 hours ago

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